Securely store, share and jointly use data

Secure file sharing and permanent, reliable protection for your uploaded data

Store files in a data-protection compliant manner on line with FTAPI

Home office, remote work and agile collaboration with various stakeholders, for example in the context of digitization projects pose the big question for more and more companies and institutions: How can data be securely stored, shared on line and jointly used?
The security of personal and sensitive data is increasingly becoming a success factor for companies. If you share personal data or sensitive files online via traditional file sharing services or via e-mail, under certain circumstances you are taking a security risk.

In order to comply with EU-wide data protection guidelines, personal data must be shared in encrypted form. Exchanging data via e-mail or sharing data via free cloud services is not only risky, since important protection mechanisms are missing, but also impractical in the long run: The storage space is small, there is no clear file management, a targeted sharing and rights management for files is not possible.

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Solutions for secure exchange of files

Do you have to regularly save and share sensitive data and files online? FTAPI offers you a complete solution for securely exchanging data on the Internet. In our virtual data rooms, you store your data in a protected, audit-proof manner and in compliance with the GDPR at all times thanks to leading encryption technology.  With FTAPI’s secure file sharing solution, share data of any size while adhering to your company’s strict compliance regulations.

Project work

Are you tired of sending countless e-mails back and forth and re-sharing the same data over and over again so all team members are up to date? With FTAPI, you can make work in project teams secure and efficient: Data exchange in the virtual data room not only facilitates the secure sharing and synchronizing of sensitive and/or large files, but also enables a conveniently assigning roles and rights.

Home office & mobile work

With FTAPI, you enable your employees to exchange data conveniently and securely from anywhere. In virtual data rooms, you have a way to upload folders, documents and files of any size and to share them in a protected manner with selected user groups.

Data room

You can store data in the virtual data room and share it with other users. The release takes place via access rights, which you assign to colleagues, customers or partners. The release is possible both for individual files, folders and the entire data room.

Data exchange

Online data exchange – but securely: With FTAPI, you opt for the secure sharing of sensitive data and the encrypted exchange of even the largest files. You transfer your files encrypted, audit-proof and GDPR compliant at any time.

Enterprise Filesharing

FTAPI offers you a secure alternative to conventional, free file sharing solutions. With the FTAPI solution, you can share sensitive files securely and in accordance with legal requirements – and it’s really easy. Thanks to in-house encryption technology, the security of stored and shared data is consistently guaranteed. In addition, you retain full control over your data: You select how and with whom to share your data online.

FTAPI products for data exchange

FTAPI SecuRooms – Data rooms for secure file sharing

The FTAPI SecuRooms represent a completely secure and at the same time simple solution for uploading and sharing files. The browser-based data rooms offer a GDPR-compliant and audit-proof storage location for sensitive files of all sizes. Share your data with stakeholders, assign roles and access rights and create a trusting environment for secure file sharing across organizational boundaries.

Advantages of FTAPI data rooms


Maximum security

Leading encryption technology for the protection of intellectual property and business-critical, sensitive data.


Easiest use

User-friendly application – as it is browser-based and can be used without VPN.


Location-independent data exchange

Data transmission is possible from anywhere – updated file versions are immediately available to all users.


No size limit

Upload folders and even the largest files up to 100 GB into the data room.


Integrative solution

FTAPI SecuRooms, and all other FTAPI solutions, can be implemented quickly in your existing IT structure.



Targeted assignment of roles and rights as well as a history ensure transparency and control over your sensitive data.

FTAPI SecuRooms – the virtual data rooms

Securely and easily share, make available and share sensitive data.