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Secure email communication “made in Germany”

Encrypt files end-to-end and send them via email

The requirements and recommendations for email communication of organizations are becoming more and more stringent. The guidelines are in the self-interest of companies and authorities, as risks can be minimized with the help of email encryption, such as the loss of business-critical data or intellectual property data. Secure email communication must be guaranteed both internally and across organizational boundaries.

In addition, an EU-wide legal regulation has applied to personal data since 2018 with the GDPR.  Personal data may thus only be sent by email in encrypted form. The increasing risk of becoming a victim of cybercrime is another argument in favor of using email encryption.

Data protection made easy: email encryption with FTAPI 

Solutions for receiving data securely via email

With the FTAPI encryption technology, you can send data in compliance with GDPR – simply from your usual email program. The clear advantages: 

  • Your colleagues can work comfortably with their familiar tools, e.g. Outlook. 
  • Email encryption is quickly implemented and can be used immediately.
  • The recipient of the data does not need an FTAPI account.

Create email, add attachments, send securely, finished!

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Secure email encryption with FTAPI SecuMails – sending even large and sensitive files

FTAPI offers you secure email delivery and simple email encryption directly in the Outlook email inbox. You select one of four different security levels each time you send an email. Depending on the level selected, the email encryption has transport encryption (TLS) and optional content encryption (end-to-end encryption of the email). This means that both the email messages and the file attachments themselves can be encrypted and sent depending on the selected security level.

With FTAPI SecuMails, you can send and receive files of any size easily via email – as a secure download link or, if required, with end-to-end encryption with automatic key exchange. Thanks to email encryption, the software enables sensitive and large files to be securely sent between customers, partners and colleagues. Easily implement your company’s data protection policies in your daily email communication – from anywhere and easy to use – with software and encryption technology “made and hosted in Germany”.

With end-to-end email encryption, you’ll save your partners, colleagues and customers time and stress

Encrypt and share data securely directly in the Outlook email inbox

Advantages of FTAPI email encryption

  • Uniform security standards

    Both the data and your email message itself are encrypted up to end-to-end. Choose from four security levels.

  • Extremely easy to use & set up

    Secure email communication according to the zero knowledge principle directly from Outlook, via the Browser or via iOS app.

  • Maximum data capacity

    Any file size possible – exchanging large files in encrypted form is easy.

  • Traceable delivery and receipt

    Each time your data is delivered, you receive proof of receipt and download. This provides maximum transparency.

  • GDPR compliant

    Send personal data in encrypted form and in compliance with GDPR via email. The automated deletion periods meet the requirements of Art. 15 GDPR.

  • Your own email address

    All users can start encrypted communication with their existing email address. Functional mailboxes can also be used.

More than 2,000 customers have already placed their trust in FTAPI. You too can encrypt your data with FTAPI, the expert for secure data transfer from Germany.  


Why are messages sent with FTAPI more secure than normal emails?

Most email programs send messages, and therefore also your important attachments, unencrypted. The contents are therefore openly visible to the wrong people, like a postcard. When sending e-mails with FTAPI, transmission is always encrypted with HTTPS via SSL/TLS. Moreover, with the FTAPI encryption technology, data can also be sent with end-to-end encryption so that really only the sender and recipient can read the data. 

Can I send an encrypted email to several recipients with FTAPI?

It is possible to send the encrypted email including the encrypted attachment to several recipients, functional mailboxes or group mailboxes. 

Do the sender and recipient need an FTAPI license to send the encrypted email?

No, only one of the two sides (sender or recipient) needs an FTAPI license for encrypted email communication.

FTAPI SecuMails

Send and receive files of any size and sensitive data easily and securely per e-mail. Encryption directly in the e-mail inbox.