Digital Payslip

Automated sending of payslips and other HR documents

With the digital payroll accounting from FTAPI, you save considerable time and money by sending payslips digitally. By means of the quick and easy integration of the module into your existing systems, the pay slips can be sent to your employees digitally with end-to-end encryption. The sensitive data remain encrypted both during and after transmission and are protected against manipulation attempts or unauthorized access by third parties. Confirmations of receipt also ensure seamless traceability of deliveries.

  • Save time and minimize effort

    Personnel resources that are necessary for putting the documents in envelopes and distributing the pay slips can be used for other purposes. In addition, the sending takes place ad hoc.

  • Integration into existing systems

    Regardless of whether SAP, Navision or another HR or payroll system is used. FTAPI offers the appropriate interface to read out the relevant data directly.

  • Consistent end-to-end encryption

    The highly sensitive data are sent and stored in an absolutely GDPR-compliant manner. This ensures that only the recipient has access.

  • No printing costs

    There are no costs for printing out the documents or for address labels.

  • Automatic confirmation of receipt

    Receive full revision security by means of the automatic confirmation of receipt of the system.

  • Access from anywhere

    Whether from a laptop, tablet or mobile phone – access can be from anywhere.

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