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Digitize, automate & securely manage data input

Secure & organized data entry for companies

The electronic recording of business-relevant and personal data makes everyday life easier for customers, citizens and business partners. For public authorities and companies, however, digitization means that the already almost unmanageable amounts of data in the inbox are raining down on employees even faster. 

Data collection via email is a step in the direction of a digital workflow. However, email programs are neither suitable as a secure data input channel nor do they allow smooth further processing of data. A major problem with conventional data receipt by email is the various file formats of attachments, which make it difficult to process them quickly. 

The secure handling of large amounts of data is a challenge in lots of industries. At the same time, digital data input offers enormous potential to significantly increase efficiency in any company and to automate business processes in the long term.

What is Input management?

Input management is the digital collection and provision of business-relevant data (“content”) for further processing in IT systems or software tools such as enterprise content management (ECM) or enterprise resource planning (ERP). Other systems that can be linked to structured input management include those for personnel management or accounting.

Solutions for automated data collection & data processing

With FTAPI, your data will be breaking new ground

Make secure data input an efficient process: FTAPI facilitates digital data entry by automating data collection. With FTAPI SecuForms, you receive data in a structured manner via customizable forms, while FTAPI SecuFlows enable smooth further processing of data across system boundaries. Overflowing inboxes and organizational chaos become a thing of the past with FTAPI’s automated input management software.

FTAPI SecuForms provides an efficient solution for electronic data entry: Digital forms for invoices, applications, quotations and much more create a structured and secure digital data input channel. In the next step, automate repetitive processes with FTAPI SecuFlows. Increase not only productivity in your company, but also the satisfaction of your employees through effective digital workflows.

SecuForms – Your secure channel for structured data input

FTAPI SecuForms make your digital data entry secure, structured and data protection compliant. They make both data entry and subsequent data input management easier in equal measure. The online forms are easy to configure and ready to use.

SecuFlows – secure automation of digital processes

FTAPI SecuFlows automate company and government data workflows easily and securely. The highest level of protection for your data allows digital workflows to be mapped in a GDPR-compliant manner. With FTAPI SecuFlows, you not only optimize data security, but you also increase the efficiency of your business processes.

 How you benefit from using an input management system in your company

  • Quick allocation of data to the right addressees
  • Less use of time resources for repetitive work processes
  • Structured data input of suitable file formats
  • Better user experience for all users
  • Protection of sensitive & personal data
  • Simple digital data collection

Input management with FTAPI offers you these advantages

– Your holistic Secure Data Workflow Platform –

  • Maximum security

    Protect the transmission of personal & sensitive data with one of four security levels (optional end-to-end encryption).

  • GDPR compliant

    Personal data is encrypted and securely transmitted to the correct recipients.

  • Increase in efficiency

    Optimize your input management and minimize manual effort.

  • Reliable digitizing

    Digitize and automate even complex workflows and manage sensitive data easily and securely.

  • More time for essential tasks

    Automate data exchange processes & give your employees more room for complex tasks.

  • Simple & fast integration

    FTAPI integrates your SecuFlows & SecuForms into your IT infrastructure without much effort.

Part of the holistic Secure Data Workflow Platform

The FTAPI SecuForms and SecuFlows are part of the holistic FTAPI platform with leading encryption technology. All products can be used in addition to each other and map sensitive data workflows easily and securely. In this way, relevant business processes can be sustainably digitized, automated and scaled from a single source.

Application examples for automated data collection

Application examples for automated data collection

Let yourself be inspired by our numerous examples of the areas in which data input can be structured and automated using FTAPI:

—  Data protection compliant application receipt

—  Digital sick certificate

—   Structured digital invoice receipt

—  Digital citizen mailbox

—   All government applications

—   Update of personnel/customer master data

—   Whistleblower system

—   Day care/school registration

—   Incoming orders

—   File upload for suppliers

—   Support form, commuting accident reports (insurance)

—   Damage reports

—   Contact form

—   Supplier self-assessment

—   General file upload for suppliers, e.g. print data, lab results etc.

—   and much more.


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