FTAPI as Dropbox alternative

Dropbox and data protection – that can be dangerous.
Dropbox is one of the most widely used cloud services for data exchange. Users appreciate the user-friendly interface and the offer of a free basic version. However, companies should definitely stay away from Dropbox with regard to data protection. The data protection standards applied by Dropbox in the USA are far from meeting the requirements of the GDPR. In the free version of Dropbox, data is not even encrypted end-to-end. Sending larger files to Dropbox is also associated with considerable costs.

US data protection standards not sufficient for GDPR requirement.

Dropbox alternative FTAPI SecuRooms - uncomplicated and secure.

With FTAPI SecuRooms you have the possibility to store and share large files in an uncomplicated and absolutely secure way. The German Dropbox alternative offers the highest IT security standards and combines them with user-friendliness and an attractive design.

Thanks to the simple browser-based application, you can share files of any size with colleagues, customers and partners around the world and access them together. And you can do it regardless of whether the recipients have an FTAPI license or not. Put the protection of your data in competent hands and say goodbye to insecure solutions and shadow IT.

So it’s better to find a secure alternative to Dropbox sooner rather than later and prevent the use of shadow IT. This is the only way you can reliably implement data protection in your company in compliance with the GDPR.

FTAPI SecuRooms - why is the German Dropbox alternative better?

  Dropbox FTAPI
Security & Server Location 

No sufficient data protection

  • No automatic end-to-end encryption
  • Servers located in the USA by default – Attention: Data protection regulations in the USA are much less strict than in Europe
  • Not GDPR compliant

Absolutely secure and DSGVO-compliant

  • End-to-end encryption according to the “zero-knowledge” principle – not even FTAPI has insight into your data
  • Servers in Germany – hosted by certified German companies and data centers
  • You always keep control over your data
  • Guaranteed to meet all requirements of the GDPR
Pricing model

Complex and expensive especially for large amounts of data 

  • Staggered prices according to the level of security
  • Strict limits for file sizes and storage space depending on the subscription taken out

Individually depending on requirements and secure in every variant

  • Always secure and DSGVO-compliant – in every price category
  • With an FTAPI license you can store and share files of any size

IT know-how required

  • User-friendly handling only in the basic version – and without guarantee of data security
  • Implementation of data protection requires extensive knowledge and IT resources
  • Access via client or browser-based

Direct and intuitive operation – secure without exception

  • Data rooms can be used easily and without effort within the existing IT infrastructure
  • Secure and GDPR-compliant as standard in all variants
  • Easy browser-based access from any device
Software setup & support

Complicated and time-consuming

  • Setup and implementation of security features are your responsibility
  • Comprehensive customer support for business customers only after adding an expensive add-on

Simple, fast and convenient

  • Ready for operation within shortest time
  • Minimal administrative effort with maximum security
  • Extensive German-speaking customer support and above all personal customer support – without any additional costs

Want to see secure data rooms in action?

In our product demo, we show how you can easily store, share or share files with FTAPI’s secure data spaces.

Dropbox and data protection - they don't go together.

Dropbox does not meet the requirements of data protection for several reasons. As a US company, Dropbox is subject to the US-CLOUD-Act, which authorizes US authorities to view all cloud data by gag order.

This rules out GDPR-compliant handling right from the start. Furthermore, Dropbox does not even automatically encrypt your documents. This not only makes it easy for hackers and intelligence agencies to read out critical content. Dropbox itself also has access to all your data.

US CLOUD Act authorizes authorities to view data.

With FTAPI, on the other hand, all content is encrypted by default according to the “zero-knowledge” principle. This means that absolutely no one – not even FTAPI – has access to your documents. This is an important prerequisite for the security of your data. And it should be a top priority when choosing a suitable alternative to Dropbox. Data leaks and data protection mishaps can cause massive damage to companies’ reputations and result in draconian fines under the GDPR.

Dropbox alternatives for companies should also definitely rely on a secure server location. Dropbox’s servers hosted in the USA cannot compete with data protection according to European standards. The German Dropbox alternative FTAPI SecuRooms uses servers located in certified data centers in Germany without exception. This means you can be 100 percent confident that the data exchange in your company is GDPR-compliant and audit-proof. Expensively installed and purchased security components and the associated risk of shadow IT are a thing of the past.

"Zero-knowledge" principle and server standard as important security requirements.

Why more than 2,000 satisfied customers trust in FTAPI.

Highest security

Thanks to FTAPI’s state-of-the-art encryption technologies, you share files under the highest security standards absolutely DSGVO-compliant.

Easy to use

Using FTAPI does not require any special IT knowledge and is easy and hassle-free for administrators and employees.


FTAPI is a certified processor (GAV-S) and ISO 27001 certified, the leading international standard for information security management systems (ISMS).

These and thousands of other customers rely on us.

These and thousands of other customers rely on us.

Free yourself from shadow IT and complicated solutions and make the data transfer in your company DSGVO-compliant and audit-proof!

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