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Companies are requiring an increasing number of digital documents from their customers, partners and suppliers. These documents are usually sent to companies without encryption, are too large for common e-mail inboxes, are addressed to the wrong recipients or do not contain all the required information. This results in unnecessary work and delayed internal processes.

Our individually customisable SecuForms help you organise your company's incoming data in a secure, structured and traceable way. Within minutes you can create an individual SecuForm for any use case and determine the information the sender needs to enter, who the recipient is, which data can be submitted and which security level will be used to transfer the data. 

This greatly optimises, simplifies and speeds up your input management.

Your advantages

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Top security

From secure download links to end-to-end encryption.

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Individual configuration

Individually adapt SecuForms fields and texts to your requirements.

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No size limits

Suitable for transfer of all data types – regardless of their size.

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Immediately ready for use

It takes only a few minutes to set up a SecuForm, which can then be used immediately.

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More efficient processes

Faster processes thanks to more information and thereby reduced expenses and work.

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Adherence to EU GDPR

Transfer data and documents in adherence to data protection regulations.

Use case Structured invoice reception

Securely and digitally manage how you receive invoices using SecuForms. Configure the individual fields in line with your requirements and request any relevant information from your customers to make sure nothing stands in the way of smooth processing. Thanks to the resulting increased information content, your internal processes are significantly optimised with regard to processing time and costs.

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Use case Efficient enquiry reception

Enquiries are crucial for your business success. However, if customers provide too little information, processing is often complicated or delayed. Moreover, the required documents are often too large to be attached to normal e-mails, posing additional problems for potential customers. With SecuForms, it only takes a few minutes for you to create a simple and secure input channel, which can be used to simply and quickly transfer any type and volume of file. Adapt the digital form to exactly meet your requirements and start managing incoming enquiries in a structured and secure way.

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Use Case Application management in adherence to data protection regulations

Start managing the application process simply, quickly and in line with data protection regulations using SecuForms. Obtain all relevant information from job applicants using SecuForms and benefit from a clearer basis for decision-making and faster processing. Have incoming applications automatically forwarded to the right contacts and inform applicants that you have securely received their data. This creates trust and reduces the workload for you.

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