Automation and digitisation of data exchange processes

FTAPI Processes allow you to securely and reliably automate data exchange in your company. Via various interfaces, we combine your systems and our products into one digital system. You can then exchange data and documents between people, machines and systems securely, quickly and fully automated.

Create significantly more efficient processes now and save time and money.

Your advantages

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Top security

Securely map your data processes – up to end-to-end encryption.

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Simple integration

We provide you with the right interfaces for all of your company's systems.

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Fast implementation

We provide you with all the tools you need to quickly and reliably automate your processes.

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Adherence to EU GDPR

Send and receive personal data securely and in compliance with data protection regulations.

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More efficient processes

Reduce long processing times, high costs and unnecessary steps.

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We map all processes around sending and receiving data.

Process module Digital invoice reception

Invoices are often sent to the wrong recipients, don't contain all information required and still need to be manually transferred to internal systems. This requires a lot of time and is associated with high costs. Our "Digital invoice reception" module helps you automate this process and thereby reduce processing time and costs.

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Process module E-Payslip

In many companies, employees still receive their payslips by mail, leading to unnecessary expenses for printing and postage as well as an immense workload within the company. Using e-payslips, you can now send payslips securely, digitally and fully automated, saving money and time and greatly reducing the workload involved. At the same time, end-to-end encryption ensures that this sensitive data is continuously encrypted both during and after transfer. This protects you from unauthorised third party access and manipulation attempts. In addition, receipt confirmations ensure gapless traceability.

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Process module Automated application management

Manage the application process simply, quickly and in line with data protection regulations using SecuForms. Obtain all relevant information from job applicants using SecuForms and benefit from a clearer basis for decision-making and faster processing. Have incoming applications automatically forwarded to the right contacts and inform applicants that you have securely received their data. This creates trust and reduces the workload for you.

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Process module Sending offers

Manually sending offers is time-consuming, barely traceable and usually not secure enough. It involves high costs for companies and significantly delays internal sales processes. The "Automated offers" module now allows you to model this process transparently and efficiently. We provide you with numerous interfaces that allow you to securely send automated offers directly from your systems. Your employees will no longer need to go through inconvenient intermediate steps. Thanks to customer download confirmations, they can also promote sales processes more efficiently. 

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We didn't cover your use case? Individual processes

Do you have a process you would like to automate that isn't mentioned on this page? Contact us and speak with our FTAPI consultants. We can realise almost any data exchange process for automation and provide you with the required interfaces.

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Our current data protection regulations can be found here.

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