Secure Online Applications

For online applications, companies must handle your confidential data with extra care. After all, personal data is subject to comprehensive protection thanks to the GDPR. It is therefore crucial that applications don’t fall into the wrong hands. It is even better if data can be automatically managed in an existing IT system. This allows more time for the important stage of the selection process.

The SecuFlow for online applications works in multiple areas to ensure that application documents and securely and uniformly received. The relevant contact person also automatically receives a message. All key information can be easily transferred to the existing systems.

The benefits of secure online application

  • GDPR-compliant

    The encrypted transmission of data creates trust and fulfils legal requirements.

  • Standardised data input

    Standardised data input makes it easier to compare and evaluate applications.

  • Increased efficiency

    Applications are evaluated more quickly and made available to the right contacts.

  • No registration required

    You receive more applications because there are no unnecessary hurdles for candidates.

  • Individually customisable

    You define which data is queried and how. This guarantees that you have all the important information at hand.

  • Quickly ready for use

    Fast rollout, no lengthy project, ready for the first application with just a few clicks.

What happens during a secure online application?

Frequently asked questions about secure online applications

To what extent can the application form be adapted to our needs?

What data you request from your applicants is entirely up to you. With just a few clicks, you can create a 100% customisable online application form with individually modifiable fields and text that can be changed to required fields depending on the requirements of the position you are advertising. The process is so fast and simple – you won’t need an administrator.

How does implementation work and how long does it take?

We offer the process of secure online applications in a standardised way. This means that only a short check of your specific requirements (third-party systems, interfaces, type and provision of the data) is necessary and our team can then start implementing it immediately. It is usually possible to implement your system in a few days.

Our promise: We provide everything needed to integrate the process in your IT infrastructure quickly. This does not involve a lengthy project or require code. All your data are secure and handled confidentially.

What advantages do secure online applications bring?

For many businesses, online applications have become indispensable, yet the full potential of digital data still has not been realised. With our SecuFlow “secure online applications”, we will ensure that the process between your systems and our technology is closely coordinated, allowing applicants’ data to be entered in a secure (GDPR compliant) and organised manner and transfer them into existing IT systems automatically. Applications can therefore be evaluated and compared more effectively, and the relevant department will get faster access to them. This saves valuable time in the application process and reduces administration costs for HR.

Do applicants need to register?

No. Candidates do not need to register in order to submit their application. This helps maintain a streamlined process and removes any unnecessary obstacles.

How are HR staff notified about a new application?

Once a candidate has submitted their application via the form and their data has been transferred to the company’s IT system, the relevant HR contacts will be notified via e-mail or FTAPI deliveries.

Which security level will the applicant’s data and attachments be transferred with?

You can determine which security level to use when transferring the applications, however we recommend end-to-end encryption. This ensures that all submissions (applicant data) and attachments (references, photos, certificates, work samples…) remain encrypted in the browser, providing maximum security during transfer and complying with data protection laws. This way, you can ensure that you’re not only meeting legal requirements but establishing trust with your applicants too.

Which file formats can applicants attach?

You can determine which file formats an applicant can submit using the whitelist.

Will the applicant be informed when their submission has been successful?

The applicant will be informed directly in the browser when their submission has been successful. It is also possible to send them an e-mail notification.

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