Automated payroll accounting

Paper payslips are a laborious process for businesses and employees. Companies that still use paper have to print, sort, bag and send. This is time-consuming, costly and cumbersome.

At the same time, employees end up with a stack of letters that only get opened when it’s time to fill out the tax declaration.

The SecuFlow for automated payroll accounting turns paper-based payslips into a sleek, fast and secure digital process from which both companies and employees benefit. Quite simply and completely without code.

Your employees can access their payslips digitally at any time and know they are protected from loss or damage. This also considerably reduces paper, printing and postage costs and relieves HR of administrative tasks.  This creates more time for value-adding activities.

The benefits of automated payroll accounting

  • Highest security

    The secure and GDPR-compliant dispatch creates trust and fulfils legal requirements.

  • Cost reduction

    Your company saves money that can be invested elsewhere. ROI after 12 to 24 months.

  • Time gain

    Employees are relieved of monotonous tasks and have room for value-adding activities.

  • High acceptance

    Payslips can be accessed digitally at any time. No filing, no searching, no loss.

  • One solution for all

    Employees who do not have their own email receive the payslip as an e-Post letter, for example.

  • Quickly ready for use

    Fast rollout, no lengthy project, ready to ship with just a few clicks.

What happens during automated payroll accounting?

Frequently asked questions about automated payroll accounting

What are the advantages of digital payroll accounting?

Sending payslips manually is still a particularly costly and time-consuming process in most companies that also takes up valuable resources. This involves printing, sorting, putting in envelopes and sending – a tedious task that also causes frustration. At the same time, employees accumulate a pile of unopened letters that are only looked at once for doing tax returns.

By switching to automated payroll accounting, you can turn this time-consuming paper tiger into a lean, quick and secure digital process, benefiting both the company and its employees. Cost savings, quick ROI, time savings, satisfied employees, regulatory compliance and trust are just some of the many examples of added value provided by automated payroll accounting.

Which accounting systems can be connected?

All accounting systems can be incorporated into our automated payroll accounting process. The most common include Datev, SAP, Sage and Loga. We will be happy to arrange a private consultation with you to discuss integrating your accounting system in our process.

How does implementation work and how long does it take?

We offer the process of automated payroll accounting in a standardised way. This means that only a short check of your specific requirements (third-party systems, interfaces, type and provision of the data) is necessary and our team can then start implementing it immediately. It is usually possible to implement your system in a few days.

Our promise: We provide everything needed to integrate the process in your IT infrastructure quickly. This does not involve a lengthy project or require code. All your data are secure and handled confidentially.

How do employees who do not have an (own) email address receive their digital payslip?

With automated payroll accounting, we offer you a uniform solution for all employees, even for employees who do not have their own email address (shop assistants, production staff etc.). Payslips can be sent as an ePost letter, for example. This process is fully automatic and requires no extra effort. Alternatively, a “dummy” user can be used. To do so, a user is created in the FTAPI system with a non-existent email address. This enables the employee to access the system and consult their payslip online.

How long do payslips remain available for employees?

This depends on the relevant settings on the server, i.e. on the requirements of your company. In principle, anything is possible from 1 day to indefinitely.

What security level can the payslips be sent with?

As with classic FTAPI delivery, the payslips can also be sent with security levels 1, 2, 3 or 4. Depending on your requirements, we recommend sending them with security level 2 (secure link + login) or 3 (end-to-end encryption).

Do the recipients of the digital payslip have to have an FTAPI account?

If the recipients of the digital payslip still do not have an FTAPI account, they will receive guest access to the FTAPI system. There are no additional licence costs for guest access.

Do employees have the right to receive their payslip in paper form?

There is no law that prescribes issuing payslips in paper form. The law only stipulates that they must be issued in written form. Digital payroll accounting fulfils this requirement.

Is digital payroll accounting compliant with data protection?

Data protection and IT security are the utmost priorities for the entire FTAPI platform. We had the SecuFlow of the automated payroll accounting checked by external data protection experts and introduced as a process that is compliant with data protection.

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