Digital invoice receipt

Automate the electronic receipt of invoices swiftly and successfully

Secure workflows for your incoming invoices

We all know the situation: Doing the usual incoming invoices by hand in the company is a resource hog – for everyone involved. Opening numerous letters and emails, sifting through them and forwarding them to the right contacts takes time, money and motivation. In the process, the documents are then not even properly entered into any digital accounting systems, even though they have already been entered a time-consuming manner.

The FTAPI SecuForms and the FTAPI SecuFlows for digital invoice receipt relieve you and your employees from resource consuming routine tasks. A digital form for invoices ensures a structured and secure digital data input channel. This allows you to optimize internal processes, reduce turnaround times and cut the costs of reminder fees and cash discount losses.

With FTAPI’s digital invoice receipt, you increase your company’s efficiency – swiftly and sustainably.

Why should I quickly digitize and automate my incoming invoices?

Digitization results in significant progress in productivity and secures the decisive competitive edge. In addition, electronic invoice receipt and automated further processing offer the following advantages:

  • You save costs:
    By switching from paper invoices to digital invoice receipt and automating invoice workflows, you save around 60 to 70% of current costs, according to the Swiss company Billentis. Your employees are noticeably relieved of routine tasks and turnaround times are reduced. You can work constructively and smoothly with your suppliers and benefit from fewer cash discount losses in the future and hardly any reminder fees.
  • You avoid mistakes:
    The uniform and structured entry of important data ensures that invoices are correctly allocated from the outset. By having your suppliers fill out a clearly understandable form, it means that important information for further processing of the document does not go missing. Attachments lost along the way become a thing of the past.
  • You create transparency:
    Upon request, the responsible contact persons are immediately notified of the receipt of new invoices. The invoice receipt process integrates seamlessly into your ERP system. Everyone involved always has an overview of the status of invoice processing. 
  • You work safely and in compliance with the law:
    The entire process, from automatic invoice receipt to archiving, is well protected, audit-proof and GDPR-compliant. All data is encrypted at all times, in highly secure data centers located in Germany.  FTAPI and its software products are certified according to current security standards.
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The solution for efficient invoice workflows

Receive, process and archive invoices digitally – automate invoice receipt quickly and easily with software from FTAPI

Replace expensive paper-based invoicing processes with electronic procedures and harness previously unused potential without much effort. At FTAPI, we help you and your finance department stay competitive by optimizing internal and external processes. Which means that you can concentrate fully on your core tasks.

How digital invoice receipt works with FTAPI

In order to fully automate your invoice processing, you need the following two standard products from FTAPI: 

Everything from a single source with FTAPI. 

Day-to-day processes are very simple and transparent: 


This is how efficient digital invoice receipt is with FTAPI

– Your advantages –

  • Uniform data entry

    The right information always ends up in the right place.

  • End-to-end encryption

    The proven FTAPI SecuPass technology is based on the recognized AES 256-bit encryption.

  • GDPR compliant

    Easily comply with privacy policies with FTAPI.

  • Usage without registration

    Your suppliers enter all important data directly.

  • Increase in efficiency

    Your employees can fully focus on the essentials.

  • Automatic further processing

    The tried and tested FTAPI system replaces many manual processing steps.

Financials, communications and processes – fully integrated with FTAPI

  • Automate your accounting processes and relieve your employees of tiresome and error-prone routine tasks.
  • Set up digital invoice approval and say goodbye to expensive, paper-based processes.
  • Store invoices digitally and comply with all legal requirements – with certified solutions from FTAPI.
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Frequently asked questions about digital invoice receipt

Do electronic invoices have the same validity as paper invoices?

All invoices be they in paper or electronic form are to be treated in the same way in terms of VAT. When receiving electronic invoices, there must be agreement between the invoice issuer and the recipient. The recipient’s consent does not have to be in writing; it is sufficient if the e-invoices are accepted by the recipient, thus tacitly approving the procedure.

What are the benefits of e-invoicing for suppliers?

Submitting invoices through a digital invoice receipt portal provides suppliers with a unique receipt for invoices. In addition, for a successful submission, it is possible to specify which file formats are accepted and which invoice file requirements must be met.