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Electronic medical files as required by the Digital Care Act, surgical robots, measurement of health data via App, the fully automated pharmacy – at first glance, digitization in the healthcare sector is well advanced. However, there is currently a barrier that is difficult to overcome, especially for hospitals: the company’s own boundaries. For example, although clinics can still use systems such as PACS, MIS or HIS for their internal exchanges, this option is not available in external exchanges.

And data in everyday hospital life are vital: Apart from the sensitivity, the further success of the treatment, in extreme cases even the life of the patient, can often depend on the fast and error-free transmission. This means that hospitals cannot do without the end-to-end encryption of data. It includes secure encryption of the transport route as well as the encryption of the message and the attached files.


GDPR compliant

Provision of a solution for the GDPR-compliant exchange of health data with resident doctors, clinics, rehabilitation centres, health insurance companies and much more.


Project collaboration

Secure project cooperation (e.g. in all processes relating to construction projects and financing)


Secure data input

Secure and coordinated digital data entry for findings but also for administrative documents such as applications, invoices and much more.

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