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Whether municipality, local authority, city or country – in every authority and administration a large range of personal and confidential data are processed every day. In addition, a large number of procedures require the exchange of information relevant to data protection with other authorities and ministries. And this is where the challenges begin. If work can be done encrypted in your own network within the authority, this option is not available when exchanging data with other authorities or private sector institutions or with citizens.
An intelligent solution for secure communication is therefore indispensable for efficient processes and the avoidance of shadow IT processes.

  • GDPR compliant

    Provision of a solution for the GDPR-compliant exchange of sensitive data with authorities and citizens

  • Project collaboration

    Provision of a secure virtual data room for system-critical infrastructure projects

  • Unlimited file size

    Provision of a user-friendly solution for the fast and secure transfer of any large amount of data (connection and pipeline plans, tender documents, etc.)

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Julia Immich on the challenges of communication with authorities at the Digital State congress
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Do you want to transfer as few changes as possible in the daily routine of your employees and colleagues and still transfer large amounts of data in compliance with GDPR? I would be happy to advise you! Ich berate Sie gerne!

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