Send and receive GDPR compliant emails

Data protection pragmatically and securely with FTAPI and Outlook.

E-mails and data protection – reliably protect sensitive communication.

Maintaining the necessary data protection when sending emails is difficult – when you are on your own. We at FTAPI support you in this with our many years of experience with over 2000 customers. With the help of FTAPI SecuMails you meet the requirements of data protection in an application-friendly and legally secure manner.

GDPR in e-mail traffic – implemented simply and securely with FTAPI.

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) affects every company without exception. It harmonizes the protection of personal data throughout the European Union. Every company is obligated to protect the collection and exchange of personal data technically and organizationally.

Sensitive data is generated almost everywhere; in business communication between companies as well as in data transfer between companies, public authorities and citizens. Is the data you send via e-mail encrypted and secured against attacks? Can your business partners and customers send attachments via e-mail just as securely and in compliance with the GDPR? Can you document the consents required for data protection?

FTAPI SecuMails offers you a proven communication channel that works in both directions. Without size limitations and without additional installations for your communication partners. Of course, always up-to-date transport-encrypted, also reliably encrypted end-to-end with only one click.

Comply with GDPR with Microsoft Outlook.

Whether you regularly send sensitive data via e-mail or large attachments: FTAPI SecuMails integrates Outlook-Add-In seamlessly into your working environment. Employees have direct access to the four levels of FTAPI security: from secure links to end-to-end encrypted attachments and message content. You can configure the requirements according to your needs.

You can handle your e-mail traffic in the usual user friendly way. Thanks to FTAPI, in the e-mail encryption with Outlook the GDPR is as easy to implement as writing an e-mail. But you can also communicate securely and efficiently with other e-mail programs using FTAPI. To do so, simply use the browser based FTAPI WebUI or the FTAPI SubmitBox. All you need is an Internet connection and a browser.

Eliminate common sources of error.

FTAPI SecuMails efficiently helps to avoid frequently occurring errors. Have you or one of your employees ever sent an e-mail to the wrong recipient, who was not supposed to receive it? Or do you fear that this might occur one day? It can be a massive problem for data protection if personal data is transmitted via e-mail distribution lists. In companies and public authorities, sensitive information often unexpectedly reaches recipients, who are not authorized to receive it.

With FTAPI SecuMails you can easily put a stop to such mistakes. You can configure the application according to your company’s security needs.. For example, you can require recipients to authenticate before reading a message or downloading an attachment. Or you can define minimum requirements for the security levels. Thus, only certain groups of users can send or receive sensitive data.

Sending incorrect data is a thing of the past.

Use cases in companies and public authorities.

Sending especially large files.

German data-protection standard instead of questionable offers: With FTAPI SecuMails you can organize every data exchange in a GDPR compliant manner.

Digital payroll accounting.

Secure transmission instead of time-consuming paperwork: The efficient FTAPI workflows create more space for value-adding activities.

Stop wasting time with analog billing workflows.

Secure back channel to citizens.

Trustworthy communication instead of improvisation: Send and receive personal data with FTAPI SecuMails. This creates trust and acceptance.

Exchange of patient sensitive data.

Uniform solution without manual effort: FTAPI’s end-to-end e-mail encryption is user-friendly and secure for all involved.

FTAPI, your specialist in healthcare.

How GDPR compliant emailing works with FTAPI SecuMails.

Step 1

IT installs and configures the FTAPI Outlook Add-In for all employees. This is done in a few hours. If you do not use Microsoft Outlook, simply use our web interface (WebUI and SubmitBox)

Step 2
For all GDPR-relevant data transfers, employees simply select the appropriate security level from the menu. “Secure Link’, “Unique Login”, “Encrypted data” and “Encrypted Message” are the four FTAPI security levels.
Step 3
Upon receipt, depending on the security level, you will receive a secure link, or an encrypted message with an attachment, or you will have to authenticate yourself. External recipients do not need to have an FTAPI product installed for this.
Step 4
Upon dispatch, you will receive upon request a notification of the successful GDPR-compliant data exchange. The required transparency regarding the exchange of personal data is thus ensured.

Data protection with FTAPI is thus secure and application-friendly.

Your benefits.

Maximum security

Map data exchange processes in a GDPR compliant manner – from secure links to end-to-end encryption.

Easy to use

No change in usage by using the Outlook-Add-Ins.

Verification function

Full transparency through automatic receipt & download confirmations.

Automatic deletion periods

Personal documents can be deleted automatically in a time-controlled manner.

Data integrity

Our technology ensures that data and documents are not changed.


Quickly and easily provide proof of processing – exportable as a PDF.

Data protection in e-mail traffic: With FTAPI on the legally secure side.