Frequently asked questions about the free test

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Which products can I test online for free?

Currently you can test FTAPI SecuTransfer online for free. You can send and receive files of any size via the browser, the Outlook Add-In or the SubmitBox. You can also use the Outlook Add-In during the test. You will receive the download link by mail after registration. Please note: in the online test, two of our four security levels are available (download link, download link with authentication). If you also want to test end-to-end encryption, please contact our staff.


Can I test all functions and security levels of SecuTransfer?

Currently, security levels 1 & 2 (download link, download link with authentication) are available as part of the online test. If you also want to test end-to-end encryption, please contact our staff.

Can I test the Outlook add-in?

Yes, you can test the Outlook add-in. To do this, you need to download and install the add-in. The download link will be sent to you after you register for the online test. The installation may require admin rights for your PC, but is otherwise very simple. You can find a short tutorial here.

Are there any costs for the test?

The test is free of charge for you.

Do I have to cancel the test or does access end automatically?

The test ends automatically after 14 days. No cancellation is required.

Where can I turn if questions arise during the test?

If you have any questions about the functions, the other security levels, end-to-end encryption or other FTAPI products, our staff will be happy to answer them. Please feel free to select a consultation date that suits you best.

I want to learn about data rooms, forms or processes – what do I need to do?

There is currently no online test option for the products mentioned. We would be happy to present the products and their functions as well as important use cases to you in a personal appointment. You are welcome to choose your preferred date here.

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