The GDPR-compliant digital input channel

The secure digital input channel

Companies need more and more digital documents from their customers, partners or suppliers. These documents usually only reach companies unencrypted, are too large for the usual email inboxes, are addressed to the wrong recipient or do not contain all the required information. This causes unnecessary work and delays internal processes.

A SecuForm for every application within minutes

With the individually configurable SecuForms we help you to map the data entry into your own company in a secure, structured and traceable manner. For each application you can create your own SecuForm within a few minutes and define yourself which information the sender must leave, who the corresponding recipient is, which data can be submitted and with which security level the data are transmitted.

The use of digital forms on the website of the company plays an important role in controlling the electronic data input efficiently, precisely and securely. With the right, easy-to-use software that can be installed quickly and easily and tailored to the needs of the company, standardized work processes can be digitized promptly. This not only saves time, costs and resources, but also creates freedom for employees, which they will then be able to use more and more in the real value-adding activities of the company.

  • Individual configuration

    Adjust the fields and texts of the SecuForms individually and according to your ideas.

  • Ready for immediate use

    Every SecuForm is set up within a few minutes and is then ready for immediate use.

  • GDPR compliant

    Data protection-compliant transfer of personal data and documents.

SecuForms offer hundreds of use cases for the digitalisation of incoming data

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