Digitalization and data security in harmony

Secure automation and digitization of data exchange processes

With FTAPI processes we help you to automate the data input and output in your company safely and reliably. To do so, we combine your systems and our products using various interfaces to form an overall digital system. This means that data and documents can be exchanged securely, quickly and fully automatically between people, machines and systems.

Securely into the digital future with FTAPI

The possible uses for secure data transfer solutions are extremely diverse and go far beyond the core functions of sending emails or transfer platforms. Used in the right places, they help to advance digitization in companies with simple means and to increase the efficiency of work processes significantly. Enormous potential can be released without great effort, especially in input management, incoming invoices and sending pay slips.
FTAPI offers real added value for the secure digitization of your company. Digitizing paper-based processes, such as sending pay slips, is an ideal start. In addition to cost reduction potential and the expansion of service orientation for employees, you will also be acting in a more environmentally friendly and sustainable manner.
Further application possibilities are cross-departmental and practically unlimited. Whether incoming invoices, sending documents or travel expense accounting – FTAPI transforms your business into the digital future with a central application.
Create significantly more efficient processes now and save time and money.

  • The highest security:

    Map your data exchange processes securely – right through to end-to-end encryption.

  • Individual configuration

    We provide you with the appropriate interfaces for all of your company’s systems.

  • Short implementation time

    We supply everything necessary to automate your processes quickly and reliably.

  • GDPR compliant

    Send and receive personal data securely and in compliance with data protection regulations.

  • More efficient processes

    Reduce long cycle times, high costs and unnecessary work steps.

  • Flexibility

    We map all processes that deal with data entry and output.

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