Data transfer with FTAPI

Send data instantly, securely and easily

With our solutions, we securely map the entire business data exchange worldwide.

As a comprehensive platform for secure data transfer, FTAPI enables collaboration with customers, partners and employees for highly sensitive data and global access to them. Thanks to FTAPI SecuPass technology with automatic key exchange, also conveniently end-to-end encrypted.

We combine the latest technology with a maximum of user comfort. In addition, we offer you the opportunity to link the data exchange processes in your company with our solutions and thereby fully automate them.

Used in the right places, FTAPI helps to advance digitization in companies with simple means and to increase the efficiency of work processes considerably, and all that without the use of risky Public Cloud solutions.

Enormous potential can be released without much effort, especially in input management, incoming invoices and sending pay slips.

Additional features for more security

Your advantages with FTAPI

  • The highest security

    From secure download links to end-to-end encryption. In this way only the sender and recipient have access to the data.

  • Simple operation

    The use and administration of all FTAPI solutions are easy to understand. FTAPI can be seamlessly integrated into existing processes and can be used, for example, directly in Outlook or via the App.

  • No size restrictions

    Even particularly large amounts of data can be exchanged very easily with FTAPI. FTAPI therefore offers a real alternative to Private Cloud services and effectively prevents shadow IT

  • Transparent & audit compliant

    Confirmations of receipt and download make the data exchange processes traceable. You always know who downloaded your data and when they did it, just like a digital registered letter.

  • Individual customizing

    Colours, logos, texts and much more can be individually adapted to the image of your company. This strengthens the recognition value among employees and customers and therefore the acceptance and trust.

  • GDPR compliant

    Personal data are sent and received securely and in compliance with data protection regulations. Automation and deletion periods also help you to comply with Article 15 of the General Data Protection Regulation.

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