Send and receive data and files securely and easily

There are three different modules available for secure and easy data exchange in the browser or via Outlook. Send and receive data securely and easily via a customizable WebUI or you can exchange the data via the Outlook add-in of your normal working environment. External persons can send you data without their own account via your SubmitBox, your digital mailbox.

WebUI – secure data exchange via the browser

The intuitive WebUI enables you to exchange data easily and securely, directly in the browser. There are 4 different security levels available to you – from a secure download link to end-to-end encryption. In the WebUI you have access to all your deliveries and you can track the data transfer seamlessly via download confirmations. Adapt the layout of the WebUI to the CI of your company and transmit the good feeling of working in a familiar environment to colleagues, partners and customers and create the optimum basis for secure business communication.

Outlook Add-In – secure data exchange in a familiar environment

The Outlook Add-In combines the security of FTAPI with the simplicity of an email. This allows you to send and receive particularly large or sensitive data securely in your familiar working environment. Thanks to in-place email encryption and decryption, you do not have to leave Outlook even for end-to-end encrypted communication. That means secure data exchange without another click and creates acceptance among your employees.

“Above all, the Outlook Add-In, which allows you to work in a familiar environment, is used every day, e.g. sending PDFs for printing approval. The intuitive user interface is easy to understand and the administration effort is low. It is so easy that we can expect our customers to work with the system without any problems.”
Andreas Knorr, Head of IT/EDP, Druckerei G. Peschke (Printery)

Submitbox – the personal, digital mailbox

Via the SubmitBox, external persons such as customers, partners or suppliers can send you data securely with just one click. Easy to use and with no size restrictions, all types of files and documents can be received quickly and securely. This saves time and money on both sides, precisely because the data submitter does not need his or her own FTAPI account.


The highest security:

Email encryption from secure download links through to end-to-end encryption.


Ad hoc sending

Send deliveries to the appropriate recipient immediately and without delay.


No size limit

Send particularly large amounts of data easily via the WebUI and Outlook Add-In and receive via the SubmitBox.



Download confirmations make your data exchange processes traceable and audit-proof.


Individual customizing

Adjust colours, logo, text and much more to the CI of your company


GDPR compliant

Send and receive personal data in compliance with data protection regulations via WebUI, Outlook Add-In and SubmitBox.