Data room

Data room – the secure alternative to insecure file-sharing solutions

In the virtual data rooms, files and documents can be stored end-to-end encrypted and released for colleagues, partners or customers. This facilitates and accelerates collaboration across company boundaries. Data rooms are ideal for due diligence, mergers & acquisitions or other projects in which secure, central information storage and collaboration play an essential role.

Access from anywhere with the Data room App

Regardless of the sector, data security has absolute priority in data rooms. The loss of confidential information can not only lead to the end of business partnerships, but in the worst case it can also have far-reaching legal consequences. Data security is therefore one of the non-negotiable requirements for collaboration on a platform.

You can access your data rooms at any time and from anywhere and securely store sensitive data of any size. You decide who has access to your files and documents and ensure that they do not fall into the wrong hands.

The FTAPI App is specially optimized for mobile work and makes the data room look like a local folder for every user. This is either replicated locally or virtually synchronized. Downloads and uploads run minimized in the background while you just keep working. Data downloaded online are saved on the mobile device and can be opened again without further downloading, using any App that is compatible with the file format.


The highest security

Every data room is automatically encrypted end-to-end.


Simple operation

Data storage, approval and access is very easy for internal and external persons.


No size limit

Store particularly large files and documents securely.


Flexible assignment of rights

Assign rights to all members invited to each data room.


GDPR compliant

Store personal data end-to-end encrypted in the data rooms.


Location-independent access

Access your virtual data room and the data it contains at any time and from anywhere, whether via a web browser or the special data room App.