The software company FTAPI offers the security standard for digital data exchange processes – both automated and manual – that every organization needs. With it, we connect people, data and systems securely, quickly and easily. Since 2010, over 1,200 companies and more than one million active users have trusted our products – whether it’s sending or receiving data, structured data inbound, sharing confidential information, or securely automating processes. Backed by one of Europe’s leading growth capital investors, we are committed to making data sharing easy and secure.

Used in the right places, FTAPI’s solutions help drive digitization in companies with simple means and significantly increase the efficiency of work processes. Under the vision “Securing Digital Freedom”, FTAPI is thus committed to the identity preservation of individuals and companies. FTAPI is the market leader in German-speaking countries.


Daniel Niesler, CEO

“My vision is to secure the digital integrity of people, companies, medical institutions and authorities”

Ari Albertini, COO
Michael Krinninger, CTO

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