Data exchange with public authorities

GDPR compliants and office operations.

Challenges in data transfer to authorities.

In public offices and authorities, the clerks work with the most sensitive data of all – the data of the citizens. Civil servants and employees in the public sector are caught between the need for simplicity, availability and efficiency on the one hand, and data protection and data security on the other.

The demands to simplify much official business by means of digitization and to work more efficiently as a public authority are high. Laws on online access for administrative services and on eGovernment are driving development. In practice, however, the administration unfortunately often still lags behind the high expectations.

Lack of data protection agreement between EU and USA.

One consequence: When government and public sector professionals don’t have a secure in-house solution, they often resort to offerings they’re familiar with from personal use, such as basic email or online storage like Dropbox, Google Drive, or Wetransfer.

One fundamental problem with these widely used solutions: their use is in many cases not compatible with the applicable legal requirements for data protection. Because there is currently no valid data protection agreement between the EU and the USA. If authorities use offers from US companies, personal data is not protected and the provisions of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) are not met. European software solutions that rely on U.S.-based cloud and network services are also affected and therefore do not provide data protection security for public authorities.

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Rely on secure European enterprise solutions .

Um die personenbezogenen Daten der Bürger:innen zu schützen, ist es deshalb zwingend notwendig, sie ausschließlich Unternehmen anzuvertrauen, die ihren Sitz in der Europäischen Union haben, Daten nur innerhalb der EU verarbeiten und alle weiteren Vorschriften der Datenschutzgrundverordnung (DSGVO) einhalten. Geht die öffentliche Verwaltung leichtfertig mit sensiblen Informationen wie z.B. personenbezogenen Daten von Bürger:inen um, läuft sie Gefahr, das Vertrauen der Bürger:innen zu verspielen und sich selbst rechtlichen Risiken bis hin zu Bußgeld- und Strafverfahren auszusetzen.

Gewinnen Sie Vertrauen Ihrer Bürger:innen.

Secure and efficient data exchange between authorities.

In addition to the requirements for data protection, other aspects are important in official communication: Data must be transferred and stored securely, and this should likewise be possible for large documents. The programs should be as easy to use as possible, and they should be able to be integrated into existing systems with reasonable effort.

Ensure data security.

Government agencies are responsible for continuously protecting the information they receive from unauthorized access in their dealings with citizens and the business community. Their responsibility begins with the entry of the data and ranges from transmission to other authorities to permanent storage and archiving. If security requirements are not carefully considered and implemented when data is shared within government agencies, the risk of data theft and misuse is high. Because unencrypted data is the digital gateway in municipalities.

Secure, state-of-the-art transport encryption and end-to-end encryption should be standard in every solution used. FTAPI SecuMails and FTAPI SecuRooms meet all of these requirements. The sensitive data is protected with leading encryption technologies both during transport and during processing and storage.

Keep operation simple.

In order for a secure data processing program to be used in everyday life, it should also be designed to be simple and easy to use. Secure digital citizen communication and service orientation are the goals of the Online Access Act and the eGovernment Act. Good software and processes make life easier for citizens as well as for professionals working in the administration.

FTAPI SecuMails and FTAPI SecuRooms perfectly integrate into the daily routine of government agencies. Both solutions are very easy to use, have an intuitive user interface and can be adapted very well to the needs of the respective institution.

Exchange of large files.

When communicating with authorities, even large documents – such as construction plans, measurement data or technical drawings – must be transmitted digitally. Such files are often too large to be sent by email. With FTAPI SecuMails files of any size can be sent easily and securely by email. And with FTAPI SecuRooms you can store large files and then share them with other parties using role/rights assignment.

Reduce effort and costs.

For a quick and smooth start, it is important that the software can be seamlessly integrated into existing systems. The costs must be transparent and the administrative burden low. This is also crucial for long-term success.

All FTAPI products are quick and easy to install and use with Microsoft Outlook. They can sometimes integrate and replace several individual solutions. According to the unanimous feedback from our customers, the training effort is extremely low.

Fields of application for data exchange in public authorities with FTAPI.

Treat sensitive human resources data confidentially.

Relieve your employees by securely processing applications, payslips and other personal data with FTAPI SecuMails

Share large files in the building office.

Exchange design data such as CAD files and other large files easily and securely with FTAPI SecuMails.

Communicate securely with citizens.

FTAPI SecuMails enables you to provide legally required secure and encrypted communication between your agency or municipality and citizens.

Secured spaces for project work.

Create a secured space for colleagues and external partners with FTAPI SecuRooms, and easily access shared data from anywhere.

Data exchange with the tax office.

Simplify the receipt and sending of missing documents such as income statements with encrypted data transfer.

Communicate confidentially with companies.

Protect sensitive business data in tenders and other projects, with FTAPI SecuRooms, end-to-end encrypted without any additional effort.

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You too can reduce the effort for IT support, replace some outdated software and train the employees in the shortest possible time. Further application scenarios for your authority can be found under Data protection in public authorities.

Data exchange between authorities with FTAPI, citizen-friendly and GDPR-compliant.

Your benefits.

Maximum security

From a secure download link to end-to-end encryption. So that only the sender and recipient have access to the data.

Simple operation

The use and administration of all FTAPI solutions are easy to understand. FTAPI integrates seamlessly into existing processes and can be used directly in Outlook or via an app, for example.

Data of any size

Even particularly large amounts of data can be exchanged very easily with FTAPI. FTAPI thus offers a real alternative to private cloud services and effectively prevents shadow IT.

Transparent & audit-proof

Receipt and download confirmations make data exchange between authorities traceable. You always know who downloaded your data and when – like a digital registered letter.

Individual customization

Colors, logos, texts and much more can be individually adapted to the appearance of your company. This strengthens the recognition value among specialist workers and citizens and thus creates acceptance and trust.


Personal data is sent and received securely and in compliance with data protection regulations. Automations and deletion periods also help you comply with Art. 15 of the General Data Protection Regulation.


Specialists in authorities and public institutions deal with personal data in their daily exchange with citizens and are therefore bound by the guidelines and regulations of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). In addition, the Online Access Act (OZG) and the eGovernment Act (eGovG), call for the nationwide digitization of citizen services throughout Germany, while maintaining high standards of quality, IT security and data protection.
When selecting an ideal solution, authorities should ensure that the following criteria are met: The end-to-end encryption must be BSI-compliant and the algorithm used must be classified as secure. It must also use a key length that complies with the current standard. In addition, the application should be easy to use and integration with existing systems should be possible.